Don’t be afraid to invite girls to your son’s birthday party

So, your son wants to invite his best friend to his birthday party and that friend is a girl…. my opinion? Its fine! Bring on the girls to a boy’s party!

Although it is not so easy to invite boys into a girl’s party when it comes to theme, it is easier for girls to participate and enjoy most themes, even typically “boy” themes. Girls and boys mix together for Mystery and Olympics Parties, Sports, or Movie Themes.

I find there is also an advantage to having girls at a boy party – they change the dynamics and calm the energy down. The wild energy that can sometimes be present with all boys groups is altered for the better, and made easier, when even just a couple of girls are present.

So, unlike the challenges of inviting boys to girl’s parties, it is actually fine, if not better, to invite girls when your son wants to include them. Party on!