Holiday Birthdays – To Theme or Not To Theme

Halloween is now over – and wasn’t it fun! Did you get to many Halloween parties? How about those Halloween themed birthday parties? I helped one 9 year old celebrate just such an event, because this year, that’s what she wanted. How does it work for those kids that have birthdays that fall just before, just after, or even on the date of a holiday?

Well, as you know, kids go through fazes. Some years they want their birthday to embrace the holiday, and other years, they are jealous and annoyed to have to share their special day with a holiday. In those years the holiday becomes something everyone pays attention to instead of them! One adult I spoke with bitter-sweetly remembers how, being born on Thanksgiving always meant having turkey and extended family for her birthday dinner. It doesn’t matter if its a cool holiday like Halloween… it could be New Years or Christmas, or the 4th of July, Children usually have a firm view or whether they want to recognize the holiday in their celebration or not.

When your child is in the holiday spirit for their birthday, enjoy. Its a once in a decade event. Have the “spring theme” or the 4th of July paper goods, or the Easter Tea. Next year, your son or daughter will hate it, and be looking for something completely different. That 9 year old I mentioned who had the Halloween Birthday, we already know, next year is a Spa Party!