Inviting Boys to a Girl’s Party

If you’re planning a party for your daughter, do you invite the boys in her class? What if her best friend is a boy? What if she wants an “American Doll Party” or other “girly” theme?

These questions come up often for many children and their parents when planning a birthday party. Here’s my rule of thumb: If your daughter wants to invite a boy or boys to her birthday party, thats OK, but suggest themes that are appropriate and will accommodate these guests. For example, Olympics, a Mystery Party, Tie Dye, or Cooking are all good gender neutral themes. If she has her heart set on a Spa Retreat or a Tea Party, let her know that boys will not enjoy these activities therefore it’s better to keep the invites to all girls. Inviting boys to a very “girly” party can leave the boys with too little to do and the possibility of disruptive behavior increases. In this case, better to stick to all girls at the party.

What if the situation is reversed, and your son wants to invite a girl or girls to his birthday party? Check with next week’s blog for my take on this scenario!