Location, Location, Location.

Is this the Most important element of the party? Maybe not as much as in real estate, but still a significant decision on the part of the party host.

Popular options:

  • Home
  • Park district/community rooms
  • Private clubs
  • Party places that host all of the elements of the party like a gym or game place.

Elements to consider:

  1. Finances – If you would rather put the money into the party instead of the space, then have it at home (or someone else’s home, Grandma?). Kids love their parties at home, and if you can accommodate the numbers and the activities, it is the best priced option, even if you have to rent tables and chairs.
  2. Does the space accommodate the party – home might be great but will it fit the thirty kids you want to invite? Do you have tables or the kitchen space or the other things the party activities require? Is the floor safe/comfortable/appropriate to the party? There are some spaces I recommend for tea parties, and some I recommend for tie dye – these are not the same.
  3. What does the space provide – All inclusive spaces, ones that take care of the games or crafts and then the food, all in a nice package, could be your perfect fit. But, if you like to bake your own cake, or you want more games than what the ceramic painting party allows, then bringing it home or to an independent space may be best. A slumber party requires all of the elements of home but a party that needs a pool and food is best done at the country club.

In my opinion, its best to first pick your party, then decide on the space. And keep a positive, “half full” perspective – don’t let fear drive your decision, pick a space because of the value it brings to your event.

Check with us next week to learn about the importance of time.