Best Back to School Party: The Sleep Under! 

IMG_1143Everyone loves a Pajama Party – there is something wonderful about bringing the casual cozy fun of the night into a celebration. Especially at this time of year, when the sun is still up late, but you know the days will only get shorter. Whether your children are celebrating a birthday or just having a back to school get together with old friends or new, the end of summer and beginning of the school year Sleep Under is awesome.

Now I like a Sleep Over Party, don’t get me wrong, but the Sleep Under is so much better. You can put all of your party fun into a more contained time period, plan all of the fun games, crafts, and activities, and even a movie with blankets and pillows, but leave out the boring late night stuff like sleeping or maybe not sleeping. Skip the home sickness, the late night tummy aches, the giggling insomniacs – let them all go home and spend the night in their own beds. Keep the fun awake time party, and skip the rest!

Here is how to make a truly awesome Sleep Under: First invite everyone to come in their pajamas, you can even have a PJ fashion show as everyone arrives. Dinner is a great way to start, but keep it simple and choose your child’s favorite eats. Next, have games and crafts and more games. Finish the night with a movie on a huge pile of blankets and pillows.

Here is my favorite Sleep Under formula:

  1. Everyone arrives in PJs
  2. Sleep over Mad Libs
  3. Dinner (pizza, nuggets, or another finger food for ease)
  4. Scavenger hunt (to find craft materials for pillow making, pillow case decorating, or slipper making)
  5. Make fleece tie pillows
  6. Play games like charades or improv games, egg and spoon or other relays, or Minute to Win It games
  7. Decorate Flashlights
  8. Play story games with the flashlights
  9. Have an ice cream sundae bar – set out ice cream and toppings and let everyone make their own creation
  10. Then let them snuggle with blankets and pillows in front a fun movie (never ever scary)
  11. Parent pickup!

Make sure all of the games and crafts are at the right age and ability level for the kids invited. Also make a note of any allergies you need to be sensitive to when selecting your food and snack choices. Pick a light fun movie, nothing scary! Your child will tell you what activities they want and what games they love, so be sure to ask. Have fun and then send them home!

A Sleep Under is a great party theme for any reason at all. It’s a great at-home, simple, even low cost gathering you can do, but if you need help, you can always call Have A Bashery!