Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Party Invitations

By Frances Archer, guest blogger

Remember back when people used to question whether online party invitations were socially acceptable substitutions for paper invitations?

It’s no longer a question. Now nearly everyone is using online invitations for all types of events and the only question is which one you works best for your needs.Here’s a quick look at some of the options.

Evite http://www.evite.com/Easy to follow steps to creating a personalized party invitation.Many designs and themes available.If you just want to invite guests and track their responses, this may be the best choice for you.

My Punch Bowl http://www.mypunchbowl.com/ More of a start to finish party planning site, electronic invitations included, all at one site.

Socializr http://www.socializr.com/ Invites plus social networking. It used to be edgier than evite but that’s not necessarily true anymore. If you want to chat about your party planning with others, you’ll enjoy this site.

Zoji http://www.zoji.com/Fun site for organizing events for a group that meets regularly. Think girls night out, skating parties, poker nights. Lots of social networking features including photos.Your entire group would have to join zoji to use the site effectively.

Crush3r http://crush3r.com/ Greatfeatures for getting together groups. Good for users who are very comfortable with social networking and don’t need a lot of prompting on how to use interactive websites.

Facebook www.facebook.com You can also create an event on Facebook and send invitations out to your Facebook Friends. They’ll have the option of replying “Yes,” ‘No,” or “Maybe.”How well Facebook works for events depends on the type of event and the size.You also should know whether your guest regularly use Facebook to be sure they’ll see your invitation.

Paperless Post http://www.paperlesspost.com/session/newIf you are a traditionalist, you don’t have to give up the elegant looks and creative flair of custom paper stationery if you go the Paperless Post route. This site offer gorgeous choices. It’s free to join and you get 25 stamps free for joining, but you’ll need to buy additional stamps if you have a larger guest list. Paperless Post stamps cost less than regular U.S.P.S. stamps.You also be able to track your guests’ responses via Paperless Post.

Here is a handy list with the basic do’s and don’ts for using electronic party invitations: http://articles.latimes.com/2009/dec/06/image/la-ig-digital6-2009dec06

How about you?Have you used email invitations? What’s your favorite site?


Guest blogger Frances Archer helps small business and organizations use social media. Find out more about her work at www.content1st.wordpress.com.