Have A Bashery’s Newest Theme Parties!

April 1, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Have A Bashery, the fun and engaging provider of activity based theme parties, is adding a few new themes to their repertoire. We specialize in putting games and crafts around themes and bringing them to children, families, and institutions. Our themes come from what people request, so we know we’ve hit the nail on the head with these!

  • Dentist Party – Nothing says fun more than inflicting pain on the people you love! In this unique party we explore dental health with lectures, flossing demonstrations, and then move right into dentist games of scaling, extractions, and microair abrasion. Crafts of veneer painting and resin molding become a brilliant white goodie bag.
  • Potty Training Party – Perfect for 3 year olds who need the practice. If all goes well, there will be prizes. We are not above bribery.
  • Back CameraWar Party – Great party for large (aggressive) groups, ages 7 – 9! We start with an exhausting and slightly dangerous boot camp, and then conduct super fun drills with assorted hand weapons, cannons, and tanks. After battle planning, troops run a scavenger hunt to find a missing fugitive!
  • Dictionary Party – So much titillation for the gumptious birthday child!  Looking up provocative words is only the commencement of the regalement!
  • Watching the Paint Dry Party – The furthest thing from boring, this party allows for meditation and reflection. Games of observation using all the senses skills will be played. The Quietest party we have ever had!
  • Household Chores Party – Perfect for the Mom who needs a little help around the house! Kids will get to clean the garage, sort and fold laundry, and weed the garden. Your dream come true.

Opening April 1st, 2016! Call to schedule your foolish party today!