Have A Bashery’s Newest Theme Parties!

April 1, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Have A Bashery, the fun and engaging provider of activity based theme parties, is adding a few new themes to their repertoire. We specialize in putting games and crafts around themes and bringing them to children, families, and institutions. Our themes come from what people request, so we know we’ve hit the nail on the head with these!

  • Dentist Party – Nothing says fun more than inflicting pain on the people you love! In this unique party we explore dental health with lectures, flossing demonstrations, and then move right into dentist games of scaling, extractions, and microair abrasion. Crafts of veneer painting and resin molding become a brilliant white goodie bag.
  • Potty Training Party – Perfect for 3 year olds who need the practice. If all goes well, there will be prizes. We are not above bribery.
  • Back CameraWar Party – Great party for large (aggressive) groups, ages 7 – 9! We start with an exhausting and slightly dangerous boot camp, and then conduct super fun drills with assorted hand weapons, cannons, and tanks. After battle planning, troops run a scavenger hunt to find a missing fugitive!
  • Dictionary Party – So much titillation for the gumptious birthday child!  Looking up provocative words is only the commencement of the regalement!
  • Watching the Paint Dry Party – The furthest thing from boring, this party allows for meditation and reflection. Games of observation using all the senses skills will be played. The Quietest party we have ever had!
  • Household Chores Party – Perfect for the Mom who needs a little help around the house! Kids will get to clean the garage, sort and fold laundry, and weed the garden. Your dream come true.

Opening April 1st, 2016! Call to schedule your foolish party today!

Oh the Scavenger Hunts I Love

IMG_5507A game of searching for something you want.
Or maybe it’s the journey that counts…


I love Scavenger hunts! Scavenger hunts can be Indoors or outdoors, Individual or team, require set up or not, materials and tools, or not, simple or complex. Themes, location, ages, numbers and goals all play a role in choosing the scavenger hunt of your dreams. There are so many kinds, but here are 4 of my favorite scavenger hunts for parties:


  1. Clue to Clue – in this kind of scavenger hunt individuals or small teams are sent from clue to clue with rhymes or puzzles, each clue sending the players on a journey to the next clue and eventually the final prize. I especially like to sprinkle in puzzles that reveal where to go next when solved, and hint at the story of the mystery itself. The participants can be almost any age, but must be readers or have a reader with them. The beauty of this style of hunt is that clues can be made simple for younger kids and really complex and challenging for older kids and adults. This kind of hunt is the foundation for our Mystery Party, a super challenging hunt to write and plant, but really tremendous fun.


  1. Web Hunt – This crazy fun hunt works well for ages 4 – 8, especially when you have a small prize to give. Tie a ribbon to the prize and have the participants follow the ribbon all around a room or area, under and over furniture and through other ribbons to find the goodie. Imagine a room filled with a web of ribbons, all leading to little animals or candies and all of the party kids following their ribbons through the web to find them. I call this hunt a “Spiderman Web Hunt” at a Super Hero Party or a “French Poodle Hunt” in an Around the World party. I just used this at a Harry Potter Party and called it the “Care of Magical Creatures” Class!


  1. Information Hunt and Photo Hunt – These two kinds of hunts can be each be on their own, but I like them together. Imagine sending small groups (3 to 6 people) with a list of information needed and pictures they must take to prove they found something. I have used this hunt as a fun challenge to help the players get to know a school or church. This kind of hunt can also be very competitive. I have a party called Extreme Home Survivor which is mostly a challenge photo hunt, and very recently, I ran hunts that were heavier on the information side for a New Student Event and a Confirmation Group hunt.


  1. Egg Hunt – This is the best kind of hunt for the littlest players, where they search for prizes hidden in an indoor area like a family room, or outside, like the back yard. I use this hunt to create a little running around time and its always filled with excitement and delight. My favorite way to introduce this kind of hunt is to tie it to a story where they have to go searching for something in the story. I hide Frogs or Pumpkins for my Royal Party and Shells for the Hawaiian Hula Luau.


There are certainly more kinds of hunts out there and I recommend you give them a whirl whenever possible! I would love to hear about your favorite hunts, so please comment below and share your fun ideas!

Delegate your way to Fun!

One of the three themes that MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) International has for the 2015/16 year is to “Embrace Rest”. I love this! My first thought was that it meant we should all go rest and relax in a hammock on a beach in the Caribbean. Wonderful vision, not always possible. What I believe “Embracing Rest” means more practically is delegating what exhausts you and enjoying the activities that energize you.

I love parties, it’s what I do, and I want you to celebrate. I truly believe that a festive gathering is one of the best, most joyful experiences to have. But if celebrating is only an exhausting stressful experience for you, then you are not going to do it. I have met many people who tell me that they would love to have a party for their kids, but it’s just too much work. Or their house isn’t clean, or they can’t bake a cake, or managing fifteen seven year olds is too overwhelming. These complaints can be very real. So what if you could get rid of the things that hold you back so you could get to the fun part. What if you could let someone else who is really good at that thing that drains you take care of it?
If you could delegate the things that exhaust you and keep the things that bring you joy, fulfill you, and energize you, wouldn’t that be perfect? Would you say YES to celebrating if it was fun, brought joy to your family and friends, and was filled with things you love? I gift
you a plan for getting rid of the exhaustion so you can embrace the best!

First, figure out what’s sucking the life out of you:

  1. Determine the things you hate to do.
  2. Figure out what is stopping you from moving forward.
  3. Ask if these things are essential.

Next ask, “Can these things be delegated, given away, or hired out?” If yes, then get rid of them and do the things you want to do! Find a baby sitter, Mother, friend, house keeper, or a professional. If cooking makes you stressed, then bring it in. If planning crafts makes you cringe, then bring someone in. Don’t do what you don’t want to do, do the stuff you love.

Finally, and most importantly, focus on the fun:

  1. What brings you joy?
  2. What do you find fun to do?
  3. What leaves you happy, proud?
  4. When you picture the after party time, are you glad you did it?

If you love making a pretty table, then do that. If being the party photographer brings you pleasure, then be it. Find the joy in your celebration. This is what Embracing Rest means to me – doing the fun stuff, having the celebration, and getting rid of the things that drain you.

Moms can have fun too!Need help with your party? We bring the games and crafts and run the party. Just ask if you need help to enjoy your child’s special day. I think this is an essential idea when preparing for your child’s next birthday. Do what you love, delegate the rest!

Keep the Celebration Going

Sometimes birthdays can feel like they are filled with so much pressure. They are heavy with the promise that once a year, that birthday child gets everything he or she wants – to be the star of the day, have a super fun party, to have lots of presents, to eat a big cake made just for them. Do you know a child that doesn’t start planning their birthday nearly the day after the one before?

Unfortunately many birthday parties fall short. And it’s not the fault of the party, it’s the fault of the huge expectations and pressure that is felt around the event. If you spent all year planning and looking forward to your party, would reality really matter? And lots can happen to make it less than perfect, if perfect is what you were going for. Best friend gets sick, Mom makes you invite someone you don’t like, Dad is too silly, it rains, the cake has pink flowers instead of purple.… you get the idea.

What if we took pressure off the birthday party and spread the celebration? What if you celebrated the Half Birthday? What if there was an end of school party or a beginning of school party, or a Halloween or Valentines party to look forward to?

I know, you are probably thinking; she loves to party, she just wants us to think of all the ways to celebrate. And yes, this is true. But I’m also saying that this could make the annual birthday celebration even better – imagine: less pressure, less unreasonable expectation, less “all eggs in one party basket”.

When did we get out of the habit of inviting friends over, preparing special snacks, playing games and enjoying? You adults too! And isn’t it even easier with kids? They don’t care if the house is perfectly clean or the correct vegetables are on the crudités. They just want to play in the sprinkler, run circles around Duck Duck Goose, hunt for prizes, and eat some Popsicle.

Here are some awesome reasons to celebrate, all year long:Celebrations and Smiles

  • End of school
  • Summer Slumber Party
  • Pool or Water Fun Party
  • Back to school Party
  • Halloween Party
  • Winter Holiday Party
  • New Years
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Spring Fling

Do you think these ideas are fun? Do you think spreading your celebrations will make the Birthday Party more fun? Please comment and let me know!

3 Keys to giving your child a Special Birthday

1. Pick a theme that fits your child

What does your child love? What kind of kid is he or she? Making the theme something that excites your child is KEY. The theme must fit their style and their interests, especially if you want to keep them involved and excited with the planning and the party. If you have a sporty daughter, then don’t throw her a spa party. If your son prefers books, then don’t take him and his friends to an indoor soccer center. Stay true to your child and give up what you think would make a fun party in favor of him.

2. Keep it doable

Keeping it achievable makes it fun for your child. Always consider their abilities – if the activity is something that is overly difficult for them, they will not have a good time. If the craft or game is too challenging, it will not be fun. For example, we assisted with a party where the main activity was making fleece tie pillows. This is a great activity for a slumber party, it was age appropriate, and just what this little girl wanted. The problem that we noticed immediately was that she had trouble tying. She even had Velcro sneakers. A different, equally fun Slumber Party craft like decorating pillow cases, or decorating and playing with flashlights, would have let her avoid frustration and have more fun at her party. Not to worry, we were there to assist and her pillow turned out awesome!

3. Make your child the center of attention

This is my favorite thing! Nobody else at the party is as important as the birthday child. Plan everything around them, and be careful not to let anyone else take that spot light of focus. They should be first to pick, get the first slice of cake, be the center for any decision making. If they don’t like a game, move on. If they love a game, play a little longer. If your child has a great time, then the party is a success. We sometimes forget this, but isn’t your birthday child the point?

Smiling Birthday Girl