The 3 Most Important Places to Spend Your Money

Olivia and pink pig1Most people plan their child’s party within a budget, and no matter how big or small your particular budget is, you have to make a decision about what is worthy of your attention and resources and what can go with less. I’ve simplified this to three elements I think you should spend your money and effort on, to get the most bang for your buck.

I have experienced many kinds of parties on many different budgets. I have been to parties with modest spending, and parties with no limits, and this is consistently true: If these three spend-worthy items are skimped on, the party will be impacted negatively. If these items are considered, and taken care of, the party will hold greater pleasure for children and parents alike.

No matter the ultimate size of your budget, this is where your money should go:

  1. Fun

A great place to focus your party budget is the main event. Whether you are creating crafts or games or hiring entertainment, the thing that engages the guests at the party is worth the most investment. Really good entertainment that fits your child is worth every penny. If you are having an entertainer or bringing in an activity, get something or someone super engaging. If you are having crafts for the kids, you can be more economical by making sure those crafts do double duty as part of a game or part of the goodie bag. If the party is more game based, then the items you purchase for the game or its prizes can be awesome take home items. Don’t make a beautiful extravagant tablescape, but leave nothing for the children to do during the party. Spend on the engaging activities; it makes the party fun and memorable!

  1. Food

So important! What you serve matters, and do not leave kids hungry! If you don’t want to spend as much money on food, then do not plan your party over meal time. If your party is planned over a meal time, it is imperative that you feed your guests – nothing can kill a party faster than hungry children. It is possible to keep it simple: bagels or sandwiches for lunch, or pizza, if it makes it easy and it’s what your child likes. I think themed food is always a fun addition to a party and worth a little more expense. Serving hot dogs at a Puppy Party is really cute (have you made puppy chow snacks? Yum!), making monster faced pizzas at Halloween, really fun. Consider a food craft like cookie decorating that can double as dessert. Finally, the cake should be special too, no matter whether you buy your themed cake from your favorite bakery, the grocery store or make it yourself, make sure it’s pretty, delicious, and there is enough to go around.

  1. Help

If you need help, then admit it, and hire it. If food is a challenge for you, purchase already made items or hire a caterer.  If getting the house in shape is a stressor, pay your kids to help you straighten the house or hire a cleaning service for before and/or after. If you need extra hands for the crafts, hire a babysitter to be a helper.  Find someone to help you stay relaxed and have fun, it’s worth the money. A stressed Mom is never ever good for a party.

These three items are not only spend worthy, they are critical to an impactful and memorable party for your child. No matter what your budget is, prioritize your party elements to make sure you get the important things taken care of, and if there is money left, there are lots of wonderful ways to spend it!

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