Corporate and Community

Corporate Parties

If your company is looking for a clever ways to say “thank you” to your employees or celebrate a milestone or special holiday, Have A Bashery is the perfect partner. We not only come up with the “clever”, we provide all of the programming  and activities.

Large and small groups love our Fluff-N-Stuff Workshops and craft activities like Tie Dye, glass painting, or custom crafts that we design just for your group. For employees and their families that want a little less sitting and a little more action, our programs like Olympics, Around the World, Hunts and Carnivals, are always a huge hit.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect event to fit your budget and WOW your guests!  And we’re happy to work with your internal or external event planner to host the best Family Appreciation Day or Holiday Celebration ever!

Community Events

There are so many reasons (and seasons) to host a child or family-focused celebration. You can piggyback on summer and fall fests, Earth Day celebrations, farmers markets, charity and scout events, and more.

Have A Bashery can provide programming for just about any event you have in mind. Whether your goal is fundraising, creating a charitable giving event for kids or simply some family-friendly activities, we can help.