Facility Partnerships

Have A Bashery partners with park districts, country clubs, community centers, and religious institutions to bring child-focused programs and parties to their facilities.

By partnering with us, organizations like the Glencoe Park District and the Lake Bluff Park District are able to offer a wide range of party options to their community members without having to create, staff or source them. We do all the work! These programs not only keep their facilities filled, but also offer terrific visibility within the community.

Think about it. Every time someone has a party in your facility, fifteen little friends of the host, who might never have been in the building, have now visited. That’s why organizations like the JCC in Northbrook are ramping up their birthday party programming. By partnering with Have A Bashery, they get increased visibility, traffic and new business, with no cost or risk.

Park districts and community centers are family and child-focused. For facilities like country clubs that are geared to adult activities, we serve as a child-savvy, soup-to-nuts resource. By partnering with us, country clubs are able to offer party hosting services to member families without any additional staffing. Have A Bashery provides whatever the club (or club member) needs. We make it easy, and we make you look good!

If your organization or facility is interested in offering child-focused events, birthday parties or programming, we would love to work with you. Let’s talk!