Ages 8-11

Goodie bags are always included.

Noah’s Ark Fluff-N-Stuff Workshop

This party is always a hit for birthday parties! We bring a huge variety of animals to choose from: bears, farm animals, jungle animals, cats, dogs, and more. We spend about 20 minutes introducing all of the animals, and then everyone gets to pick. Of course, the birthday child always picks first. Out comes the fluff to play in and somehow, we manage to hand stuff the new fluffy friends. Lots of hugging ensures we make them just right. Everyone get to wish upon and insert a magic rainbow wish star, then we zip and snap the animal closed. Children get to name their new cuddly friend, create a customized birth certificate and decorate their take home bag, We have options of outfits or decorating little tee-shirts for the animals – there are several Packages available to fit your numbers and budget. Great activity and great take-home!

Color Burst Bear party

Fluff-N-Stuff a cute white bear, then paint it! Dyes are not messy and spread over the bear in a tie dye fashion. Kids get to make a unique teddy bear that will be all their own creation. This is an awesome party with the fun of Fluff-N-Stuff, where everybody creates a completely unique teddy bear.

Doggy Party

Does your birthday child love dogs? Well so do we! This party starts off with picking and making a Fluff-N-Stuff dog, and we have several to choose from. We make beaded collars for the dogs, do adoption paper work for the dogs, and then play doggie games. Everyone makes a beautiful glass dog bowl with our special glass paints to take home too. This party is a barking good time!

Hawaiian Hula Luau

The Hawaiian Hula Luau is so much tropical fun! We get into the mood of the South Pacific Islands by making our own leis and donning hula skirts. We play Hawaiian games and then learn a special Hula Dance. Take out your movie camera – kids love to see themselves dance! We make beautiful flower hair clips or beach hats and have a story with a Polynesian Scavenger hunt, all before cake! The guests get to take home the Hula skirts, leis, flowered hair combs, and a few other treats.

Olympic Party

Your birthday child can now be part of this international sporting event – perfect for boys, girls or both. A specially designed T-shirt will be made for each of your guests, creating teams by country and color. We follow the Olympic Games that you know and love, we just make them a little sillier: ever done the Javelin Throw with a chopstick? Or had a cross country egg race? Even our water sports are uniquely twisted – as much fun to watch as it is to play! Everyone wins a medal at our Olympic Games!

American Doll Party

Why go Downtown when we can party with our favorite dolls right at home? We make our dolls beautiful dressers, purses, jewelry, and even do hair beading on them. Then our dolls sit down to their tea party while we have a fancy tea party of our own! Have your guests bring any doll to this party. They will all have fun.

Slumber Fun

This party has all the fun of a traditional slumber party with friends – your choice if you send them home (sleep -under) or let them stay the night. There are many choices of games, crafts, and activities to include. We can help you customize it to fit what your birthday child loves best and the number of guests. Some popular options are: making fleece tie pillows, decorating pillow cases, making slippers, jewelry making, and decorating flashlights. We always play lots of fun silly games, and can even go on a scavenger hunt.

Tie-Dye Party

What is better than tie dye? The results are amazing! We can get anything in blanks to dye, from tee shirts to long sleeve hoodies and headbands. Choose your own colors, we mix the dyes for you fresh and use the highest quality products. We instruct the kids in several methods of tying and, after dipping in fixer solution, dye using squirt bottles in individual pans. We provide all of the materials needed (disposable aprons, gloves, chemicals, pans, bags, additional take home bag with handles) and send home dyed items with instructions and a small container of special detergent. Games are also included to round out this super fun party.

Spa Retreat Party

This is a Spa event that every Mom wants to attend too! It is a very full two hours with some crafting and some pampering. The most popular format includes making bath salts, then pampering with mud facials and manicures – smoothies included! If there is time, we also like to teach hand massaging. Possible optional crafts are making special spa slippers, making lip gloss, and making tie pillows. Girls especially love the relaxing spa music while balancing cucumbers on their eyes – and the pictures are marvelous! The goodie bags are filled with all the spa items they could want.

Cooking Party

Children are given personalized aprons so they can proceed to cook up a storm of a four course meal! Your child creates the menu from our list of options for appetizer, main course, sides, and, of course, dessert. Setting and decorating the table is also part of the fun and then of course, so is the eating! Take home goodies include aprons, recipe cards for the menu, and leftovers. Kids can be amazing cooks!

Mystery Party

We promise – no bodies, but something important is missing! This party is developed like a complex scavenger hunt – puzzles must be solved to move from clue to clue until all the clues come back to reveal the answer. This party is as a unique adventure written for your home or space.

Amazing Race Party

Love the show? This party/race is currently designed for Highland Park, Illinois. Guests are divided up into teams and must race around town accomplishing tasks, finding clues, and racing to the pit stop. Teams encounter Road Blocks, Detours, and lots of challenges during this race around town.

Around the World Party

This is a great experience for kids who love the adventure of travel. You pick up to 6 countries (we have a great list!) and, with passports in hand, we travel to each of them doing crafts, activities, games, and tastings. Come with us to make Delft tiles and eat chocolates in Holland, make mosaics in Greece, decorate fans and eat egg rolls in China. In the end we get back to the good ‘ole USA for cake!. The guests’ goodie bags contain a souvenir from each country we visit. A Little learning; a whole lot of fun!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We customize parties all of the time – call us to design your next celebration.